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Brickwarmer Holiday Red Extract Kit w/ Specialty Grains

The day before New Years Eve, we brewed this kit from Northern Brewer. We had Sarah's brother and his wife along with Sarah's childhood friend and her boyfriend over for the New Years weekend, so it was a lot of fun, and a rather full kitchen.

Being the first time in this house that we brewed in the kitchen, instead of on my outdoor burner, it was a little interesting. We only realized at the very end that my wort chiller can't connect to the sink in the kitchen, but fortunately it was freezing outside, so we just stuck it there with the snow for while.

Anyway, this looks like it will be a nice strong-ish red ale for the upcoming winter months. I'll be sure to post tasting notes and perhaps a label for it sometime next month!

Brewed on: 12/30/17

Should be ready around 02/01/18

Recipe can be found at:




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