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Parker Solar Probe Encounter 7 - Working with friends

Today Parker Solar Probe reached its 7th perihelion (closest part of the orbit to the Sun)! Since this perihelion aligned well with the Earth (see below), we had the exciting opportunity to work with our friends at the Whole Heliosphere & Planetary Interactions (WHPI) group to coordinate with many ground-based and space-based solar observatories. By having our colleagues point their observatories to the footpoints of Parker on the Sun, we can try to better understand how events and processes occurring in the corona and photosphere lead to the observations in the solar wind close to the Sun. To coordinate all of this, the PSP team and WHPI have been releasing daily footpoint predictions to the solar observers from Jan 8th through 20th and partnering with other spacecraft missions, such as the Magnetospheric MultiScale (MMS) mission, to take additional solar wind data during this campaign. It is really a great testament to how natural collaboration is within Heliophysics!



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