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I got a paper highlighted!

This is not exactly new news, but it is new news for my blog.

Last year I published a paper on internal versus external sources of plasma at Saturn, with the catchy title of "Internal Versus External Sources of Plasma at Saturn: Overview From Magnetospheric Imaging Investigation/Charge-Energy-Mass Spectrometer Data" (JGR would not permit me an abbreviation for MIMI/CHEMS). In the paper, we used different plasma species to trace out internally produces plasma (i.e., from moons, rings, and Saturn itself) with externally sources ion (i.e., from the solar wind) within the magnetosphere (magnetic protective bubble) of the Saturnian system.

Anyway, one of the reviewers liked the paper so much that they wrote a highlight paper titled "Cassini/MIMI Observations on the Dungey Cycle Reconnection and Kelvin-Helmholtz Instability in Saturn's Magnetosphere" (Apparently JGR let them use the abbreviation MIMI.....), in which they said about my paper, "These results provide a significant addition to ongoing discussions concerning the contribution of solar wind input to the dynamics of an otherwise 'rotationally driven' system, such as Saturn's magnetosphere". I'm quite flattered!

Also, APL Civil Space recently put out a science highlight on the paper! Awesome!


My paper:

Highlight paper:

APL Civ Space highlight:



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