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Second co-authorship of the year... and a submitted paper!

We are off to a good start. Last week, Jim Burch had a GRL paper accepted that I am co-author on. It is an MMS paper looking at localized oscillatory electric fields that may be related to energy dissipation at reconnection sites. Some really great results from MMS.

Burch, J. L. et al (2018). Localized Oscillatory Energy Conversion in Magnetopause Reconnection. Geophysical Research Letters, 45.

Also, I submitted a first author paper last week to JGR on a Cassini study I have been working on. In it, we use mission averaged observations of energetic (32 - 220 keV) ions in the magnetosphere of Saturn to look for spatial variations in the partial densities and relative abundances of species. Similar to some of the Polar papers I worked on, we are trying to get a handle on solar wind ion penetration into magnetospheres. Fun! Now just to wait for the peer reviews to come in...




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